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Significantly reduce the time-to-market for digital health solutions and enable global scalability!

Made by a team that has done it before


Extra Horizon is a digital health company focused on providing a regulatory compliant cloud infrastructure and GDPR safe data storage. We’re a solution accelerator that enables the development and deployment of any type of medical software solutions in weeks, not years with proven results within start-up, scale-up, and enterprise environments. 

Our mission is to bring digital health solutions to the market, faster and better!

We do this by:
  1. SPEEDING UP the technological readiness
  2. DE-BURDENING the regulatory complexities
  3. DE-RISKING your investment

The potential of digital health


Despite digital businesses growing faster than the rest of the economy, only a minimal fraction of those companies are active in the digital health space. 

Regulatory complexity, a byzantine, and fragmented medical device regulation,  a shortage of skilled engineers, and a heavy pre-investment need are constraining the impact digital innovations could have in healthcare

Removing these barriers helps more new businesses get started, get market access, and expedites growth to increase the impact made on people’s lives


A medical backend infrastructure


Extra Horizon was founded in 2014 as a digital health company aiming to disrupt the digital health space by delivering a critical component: “A medical backend” that offers agility, regulatory compliance, and scalability with a full suite of essential functionalities.  

The backend is a component that is typically overlooked when starting a business since it is extremely time-consuming, very costly, and requires skilled engineers. Since there are no proven medical backend solutions, compromises are made by “building it yourself”. This however impedes your speed and agility in the market and growth. 

Extra Horizon has the capability to solve these challenges for you since it already walked this path multiple times! 



Our regulatory foundation


The team

The team of Extra Horizon has done it before. They have developed and commercialized the FibriCheck application that achieved a scalable business, obtained international regulatory approvals, and deployed the product on different platforms and business models. We are seasoned digital health experts that have the ambition to make this possible for your company!

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We are HIRING! Excited to join our team?

We are looking for highly motivated and skilled people that want to be at the forefront of innovation


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