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Start building your digital health application with Extra Horizon

Extra Horizon is a one-stop-shop with a technical framework and complementary services to help you build sophisticated medical applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

tick (2)-1 Compliant: IEC-62304, ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 compliant
tick (2)-1 Qualified: Integration as a ISO 13485 supplier into your QMS
tick (2)-1 Complete: All essential business logic requirements provided
tick (2)-1 Flexible: From back-end only to complete end-to-end service for your product


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Endless possibilities to digitize healthcare, faster!

Extra Horizon helps start-ups, scale-ups, medical device companies, pharmaceutical and diagnostic device companies to bring their solutions faster to market and make a lasting impact

Endless poss

Why use Extra Horizon?

Fast Development
Supercharge software as a medical device (SaMD) development. We take care of the complete backend that captures complex processes and handles all data
Define your own data structures using object-based programming (NoSQL), Rest-API controlled microservices enable the possibility to tune the system with custom tasks and data flows
Security & GDPR
Extra Horizon is a data processor, providing all necessary GDPR related requirements and documentation for your organizational, including cybersecurity
Regulatory compliant
All software components and architecture are designed with GDPR and cybersecurity requirements. The software itself is developed (and approved) according to IEC-62304 standards and all documentation is readily available with Extra Horizon functioning as a supplier in your QMS
Access to experts
Extra Horizon is your single point of information you need on the development of future-proof medical software and obtaining regulatory compliance

Learn how our customers built their business on Extra Horizon

“Extra Horizon offers best-in-class GDPR-compliant medical cloud solutions through their deeply proven expertise in medical cloud infrastructure. The company’s professional expertise in developing customized solutions, leveraging an extensive backbone knowledge, makes it an ideal partner for this important undertaking."
Pierre Laboisse
Executive Vice President Global Sales and Marketing - ams AG
FibriCheck makes use of the Extra Horizon platform. It enabled us to obtain FDA clearance and to scale the product to hundreds of thousands of users
Together with Extra Horizon we developed a medical risk calculator that is used for risk stratification of cardiovascular patients
Roche Diagnostics

How Extra Horizon enables FibriCheck to pioneer the digital health space


FibriCheck, a certified digital application to detect cardiac arrhythmias, is an internal product of Extra Horizon. FibriCheck was world's first in his domain to successfully pass regulatory clearances in the EU, US and Australia. FibriCheck is flexible in deployment, used by hundreds of thousands of people who performed millions of measurements. Based on years of technical investment, FibriCheck (built on Extra Horizon) offers market leading quality, while servicing consumers, patients, doctors and blue-chip companies, including wearable providers, pharmaceutical- and medical device companies. Based on our experience, we can take down the barriers, helping to build new generations of medical devices

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