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Senova brings new weapon in the fight against Covid-19 powered by Extra Horizon

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News facts:

  • Extra Horizon connects Senova’s new GreenLight test strips to secure, compliant cloud  
  • Sophisticated digital lateral flow tests enable fast, efficient, secure and compliant data processing 
  • Anonymised real-time data helps safeguard public health and limit the spread of Covid-19
  • Digitising immunoassay tests opens up all-new possibilities in in-vitro diagnostics
  • Extra Horizon’s proven medical backend significantly accelerates time to market for all kinds of digital health innovations

Hasselt, Belgium, April 21, 2021 - The Covid-19 pandemic has placed enormous strain on global healthcare systems. Moreover, it has revealed just how important it is to be able to gather and process reliable information quickly and efficiently in combatting an emergency of this magnitude. So it’s heartening to see the equally rapid pace with which digital technologies are being developed and adopted in the fight against Covid-19. Not least of which the state-of-the-art digital lateral flow test strips recently developed by Senova, ams and Extra Horizon which are now already in production. Read on to see how our powerful and proven medical cloud solution is enabling millions of rapid lateral flow tests and thereby helping to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. 


Real-time solution

Imagine not only being able to get instant results from lateral flow tests for SARS-CoV-2 but also process and analyse those results securely and in real time, while protecting sensitive user data! A new partnership between Extra Horizon and the leading in-vitro diagnostics device manufacturer Senova is making all that possible. In the form of a new user-friendly device that enables rapid testing in a variety of point-of-care situations. By powering Senova’s GreenLight technology with fully compliant and fully scalable cloud connectivity, Extra Horizon’s medical platform enables more informed decision-making on the basis of fully encrypted and anonymised test results, thus adding a powerful weapon to the arsenal of public health authorities around the world to stem the tide of Covid-19.


Connecting innovations 

Senova’s innovative digital lateral flow or immunoassay tests are the result of a unique pooling of specialised expertise. Each strip contains a highly sensitive optical spectral sensor developed by ams, a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor solutions. This hardware is wirelessly connected to Senova’s GreenLight smartphone app which, thanks to Extra Horizon, is in turn connected to secure medical cloud infrastructure. All data is stored and analysed on dedicated, secure local servers and protected by medically compliant data encryption and technical data security measures. From there, it can be seamlessly transmitted back to the mobile application and, if applicable, shared in anonymised form with national and international monitoring systems.

Hans Hermann Söffing, Founder of Senova: “As we venture further and further into the digital health space, Extra Horizon’s proven track record makes them the perfect fit for our company, enabling us to process sensitive data while complying with regulatory requirements. Just the support we need to make our future ambitions a reality.”


New perspectives in IVD

The ability to digitise lateral flow tests opens up endless possibilities with the potential to revolutionise the domain of intro-vitro diagnostics. Centralising the collection and processing of data, for instance, not only paves the way for new types of (highly sensitive) tests but also greater efficiency, reliability and scalability, even on a mass scale. And while in the first instance, Senova’s GreenLight technology is being deployed for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, the solution’s fully scalable cloud infrastructure delivered and secured by Extra Horizon means the platform will be able to host a full library of tests in the future. That means greater convenience and quality of care for patients, enhanced efficiency and reliability for healthcare professionals and a powerful, connected resource with the potential to safeguard public health.


Fuelling the digital health revolution

New and innovative eHealth solutions such as Senova’s GreenLight rapid tests are being developed with increasing speed around the world. However, many digital health companies hit a wall in their development when it comes to processing the sensitive medical data they generate and ensuring full compliance with all regulatory standards. And that is precisely where Extra Horizon comes in. Rather than reinvent the wheel, companies like Senova can take advantage of Extra Horizon’s easily customisable cloud services to acquire a readymade and uniquely deployed medical backend for their solution that meets international software-as-a-medical-device (SaaMD) standards. So they can focus their energies and resources on their core business, bring their solutions to market faster and acquire the agility and flexibility they need to adapt in the ever-evolving digital health space. 

Our partnership with Senova is a text-book case of how Extra Horizon is helping to make digital health a reality on a global scale. Want to find out how Extra Horizon can drive your digital health solution beyond the horizon?


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